I proudly ship King x Netero 

that face xD

I love this show holy awhr0ara

Definitely one of the weirder characters Yoshitsugu voice acts for :P

Tumblr proe

Tumblr proe

Yuuta is such a ninja after all that time with Rikka ;o

Why so little post? D:

These last couple weeks, I’ve had pit orchestra practice from 2pm-10:30 pm. Which screws my homework and studying time hardcore.

And today I got my wisdom teeth pulled. I feel like shit xD.

But i finished all this seasons anime :D So I’ll post something soonish. Maybe today if I don’t feel too noxious or sleepy

Jormungand animated the airport i go to. WTF THAT’S SO AWESOME XD


Gifs are a pain to make manually ;o i need to get some software lol